Retrieve all segments or a filtered list of segments

  company_id = Sys.getenv("AW_COMPANY_ID"),
  rsids = NULL,
  segmentFilter = NULL,
  locale = "en_US",
  name = NULL,
  tagNames = NULL,
  filterByPublishedSegments = "all",
  limit = 10,
  page = 0,
  sortDirection = "ASC",
  sortProperty = "id",
  expansion = NULL,
  includeType = "all",
  debug = FALSE



Company ID. If an environment variable called AW_COMPANY_ID exists in .Renviron or elsewhere and no company_id argument is provided, then the AW_COMPANY_ID value will be used. Use get_me to get a list of available company_id values.


Filter the list to only include segments tied to a specified RSID or list of RSIDs. Specify multiple RSIDs as a vector (i.e., "rsids = c("rsid_1", rsid_2",...rsid_n")"). Use aw_get_reportsuites to get a list of available rsid values.


Filter list to only include segments in the list of segment IDs (comma-delimited)


The locale that segment details should be returned in. The default is en_US.


Filter the list to only include segments that contain the specified name. This is case-insensitive and is a simple, single string match.


Filter the list to only include segments that contain one of the tags.


Filter the list to only include segments where the published field is set to one of the allowable values: all (the default), TRUE, or FALSE.


The number of results to return per page. This argument works in conjunction with the page argument. The default is 10.


The "page" of results to display. This works in conjunction with the limit argument and is zero-based. For instance, if limit = 20 and page = 1, the results returned would be 21 through 40.


The sort direction for the results: ASC (default) for ascending or DESC for descending. (This is case insensitive, so asc and desc work as well.)


The property to sort the results by. Currently available values are id (default), name, and modified_date. Note that setting expansion = modified returns results with a column added called modified, which is the last date the calculated metric was modified. When using this value for sortProperty, though, the name of the argument is modified_date, because why would we expect locked-in consistency from Adobe?


Additional segment metadata fields to include in the results: reportSuiteName, ownerFullName, modified, tags, compatibility, definition, publishingStatus, definitionLastModified, and categories. This argument takes a single value (e.g., expansion = "modified") or a vector of values (e.g., expansion = c("modified", "ownerFullName")).


Include additional segments not owned by the user. Available values are all (default), shared, and templates. The all option takes precedence over "shared".


Include the output and input of the api call in the console for debugging. Default is FALSE


A data frame of segments and their meta data.