Update a specific calculated metric.

  id = NULL,
  updates = NULL,
  locale = "en_US",
  debug = FALSE,
  company_id = Sys.getenv("AW_COMPANY_ID")



Returns details around a single calculated metric function if you specify the id. You can obtain the desired id by not including an ID value and finding the function in the results.


List of changes or entire JSON definition object.


All calculated metrics endpoints support the URL query parameter locale. Supported values are en_US, fr_FR, ja_JP, de_DE, es_ES, ko_KR, pt_BR, zh_CN, and zh_TW. This argument specifies which language is to be used for localized sections of responses.


Set to TRUE to publish the full JSON request(s) being sent to the API to the console when the function is called. The default is FALSE.


Company ID. If an environment variable called AW_COMPANY_ID exists in .Renviron or elsewhere and no company_id argument is provided, then the AW_COMPANY_ID value will be used. Use get_me() to get a list of available company_id values.


Returns a json string of information about the updated calculated metric